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Life saving Defibrillator coming to the 417 Project!January 22, 2016

We have a lot of things to be proud of here at the 417 Project – but we have had the confirmation this week of something particularly special.  We have teamed up with The British Heart Foundation, who have given us their support so that we can have a Defibrillator on site!


Our ZOLL AED plus Defibrillator unit is currently on it way to us – and will be in position ready for our opening. We will also be using our equipment to help provide the local community with life-saving CPR training – and help to spread the awareness of how important Defibrillators are when it comes to cardiac arrest.

Every second counts when cardiac arrest strikes……each minute a victim goes without CPR and defibrillation their chance of survival decreases by 10%.


In the UK someone has a heart attack every 7 minutes. Heart attacks can lead to cardiac arrest if the patient doesn’t receive immediate care.

Today – 480 People will go to hospital with a sudden onset cardiac arrest, 440 people will lose their lives to Cardio Vascular Disease – and 100 of those will be under 70. This month 575 people will die from a heart attack.

Statistics from the British Heart Foundation

Heart attacks are caused by blocked arteries that prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching the heart which causes it to starve. This can cause immediate, intense symptoms but more often the symptoms start slowly and get worse over hours, days or even weeks building up to an attack. Heart attacks can lead to cardiac arrest.

So if you’re fit & healthy you’d think you have nothing to worry about? Wrong. Sudden onset Cardiac Arrest is very similar to a heart attack but is caused by an electrical signal malfunction. This can happen to any one at any time and, where as a heart attack may leave your heart beating – sudden cardiac arrest will stop the heart beat very quickly. This causes loss of consciousness within seconds… and without treatment people can die in a matter of minutes.


Whilst we hope that nobody ever needs our defibrillator, we know we have taken that step in ensuring we are equipped to save a life that may not be saved without one…. Our local ambulance services will be notified that we have the equipment meaning if they ever need it they know where one is. Hopefully we can start playing our part educating society on the importance of CPR and Defibrillation, and have taken a step in making Defibrillators more available.

If you think you have an area in need of a Defibrillator, or could support your local community in CPR education- please check out the British Heart Foundations website for more information, including grants and finding availability.