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When you book your uplift day either by phone or via the website you are required to agree to our terms and conditions. We know it’s boring but it’s important that before you book you know exactly what you are agreeing to. If you have booked on behalf of others then you are also agreeing that you have made them aware of the terms and conditions.

If you are booking for anyone under the age of 16 years by ticking this box you agree to let them use the uplift service and make them aware of the T&C’s. Please note under 16’s who use the Flyup uplift service must have a parent or guardian over 18 on site at the Cannop Cycle Centre at all times.


Regardless if you are a regular or a newbie these are the rules so please kindly respect them! Rude or aggressive behaviour because we stick by these will not be tolerated!

To try and be as fair as we can to our customers we give you the opportunity to transfer your booking/credit note/voucher to another date free of charge up to 8 days before your uplift day. Any bookings requesting a refund outside of 8 days will be incur a £10 per person admin/card processing charge.

In the 8 days before your uplift no refunds under any circumstances will be given for bookings that are cancelled and any credit notes/vouchers will expire. Within this period and only up to 2 full days before your uplift your booking can be changed to another date or you can have a credit to use another time and will be subject to a £10 per rider admin charge.

Within the 2-day period before your uplift we are unable to transfer any bookings to another date or do a refund. Your booking will be subject to full cancellation charges.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS WHEN YOU BOOK! There are no exceptions to this rule! We are normally inundated with late cancellation requests (hence the tough policy)  so please understand any emails,texts or phone calls for credits and refunds will not be acknowledged within the 2 days before your uplift or on your uplift day – please don’t be offended or be angry if you don’t get a reply.

If the forecast is for bad weather and you feel you need to cancel, while the trails and uplift are still open and in operation we cannot refund or transfer your booking. If you book an uplift in the winter you have to accept the weather will be unpredictable!


Sometimes things we cannot control like the weather or for operational reason’s will give us reason to cancel at short notice. During the winter months if the roads are too dangerous to drive on due to snow/ice or we have high winds then we will have to cancel due to safety implications. We will not cancel the uplift for rain. We will try and give you as much notice as possible and will transfer your booking to another date (no refunds will be allowed). Flyup will take no financial responsibility for any other costs incurred for these cancellations (for example travel costs/accommodation costs). We will try and give you as much notice as possible and will give you an open credit note to use another time.
 If the weather causes the uplift to close during the day we will assess any credit owed for under 9 uplift runs – over 10 runs is considered a full day and no credit or refund will be issued. Although the uplift might stop running the trails are still open for you to use.

It is important that the contact number and email address left when booking are the correct details to get hold of you should we need to cancel. Please check your emails and texts before you set off.
We would also ask that the names of all riders are put on the booking form correctly, If we need to issue credit notes then these will only be valid for the names on the booking.

Please do note rain does not effect our service and we will not cancel for these conditions – this is an all year round sport, do not expect the British weather to always be on your side. At times if there is no one booked on for a ‘full days’ uplift then Flyup reserve the right to close the service for that day – please refer to the ‘Book now’ page to check. We strongly recommend booking online to avoid disappointment.
Flyup Ltd reserve the right to change its Terms and Conditions at any time.


It is important that everyone who uses Flyup Downhill takes note of the following Health and Safety advice:

1) The trails are graded according to their skill level please take the time to research which trail would suit your riding ability best. If in doubt start small and work your way up. Never jump blind, unless you know the trails. Whilst the trails are suitable for most abilities we strongly advise that anyone under 12 should be a competent rider.

2) You must ALWAYS wear a helmet. We also strongly advise you wear gloves and body amour. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A HELMET YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE THE SERVICE.

3) Read and and adhere to all advice signs while using the trails. The land is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission. Please note what you do on the way down the trails is solely up to you – Flyup Ltd do not accept any responsibility for any injury to any persons or damage to any bike at any time whilst using the trails. Refunds will also not be given as a result of damage or injury whilst using the trails.

While every effort is made to ensure your bike is looked after Flyup Ltd take no responsibility for any damage caused to your bike whilst using the trailer. Flyup Ltd will take no responsibility for any items left unattended on the bus and would strongly advise against bringing any valuables with you. From time to time some trails may have to be closed for routine maintenance work – we will try and give you the most up to date information of any closures on the day of your uplift however this can not always be guaranteed.

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