FlyUp Downhill

Having a Barn-ey! 417 Project Digging Progress….June 21, 2014

So it’s been a long few weeks at FlyUp HQ getting everything for the 417 Project sorted and ready to go.

The barns had a week or so of minimal progress after Jake and Katy headed off to Europe ready for their summer of racing. It’s already paid off though, and we’re super happy to say Katy is the 4X World Champion 2014!

We’ve drafted in some more help, namely Lewis Richards and Luke Cullis, local dirt jump riders who have some serious spade based skills, with bike skills to back them up! Now Tom has some help again, the barn has been leaping forward progress-wise just over the last week, and if you check our Facebook page you’ll even be able to see Lewis riding the outside line that’s now almost complete!

In the mean time, Tom’s been snapping away every time he’s been on the spade, so check out the gallery below to see more!